Projects List

The Charlottesville Jazz Society could use your help with one or more of our ongoing tasks requiring volunteers.  If your knowledge or skills fit one or more of the categories below please feel free to step forward and let us know.

Ongoing Tasks Requiring Help From Volunteers:

1. Legal advice. The CJS could use help from an attorney when legal questions arise.

2. Musical advice. The CJS does not currently have a jazz musician on the Board.

3. Website support and/or graphics work. Photography.

4. Financial services (e.g. bookkeeper). Track and provide reports on banking activity.

5. Event planning. Advise and help with fundraisers and special events.

6. Event promotion/media liaison. Help spread the word about CJS events.

7. Marketing. Help is needed with Social Media, etc, to publicize the CJS.

8. Non-profit organization liaison. Help arrange collaborations and networking with other Arts organizations, such as The Virginia Film Festival, The Festival of the Book, Piedmont Council of the Arts, and UVA.

9. Fund raiser. Help come up with creative ideas to raise money for the CJS and our various projects. This includes identifying sponsors for certain programs.

10. Secretarial. Attend Board meetings and take minutes. Keep files. Compile reports for grant organizations as needed. Track memberships.

11. Concert committee members. Help with setting up and taking down concerts and events, selling tickets, preparing dressing rooms, etc.

12. Special Projects coordinator. Help identify and follow through on jazz-related opportunities that might generate funds or publicity for the CJS.

Fill out the form below and let us know what areas interest you.  Thank you.  We’ll be in touch.

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