I was talking with Jae Sinnett ( way back in 2005 at our initial Charlottesville Jazz Society kick-off gathering at the CrystalPhonic Recording Studio and Jae told me that in order for the Charlottesville Jazz Society to succeed the single most important thing that we needed to focus on was education.

AHS Plays for CJS

Albemarle High School Plays for CJS

It is our hope that over time we will succeed because of Jae’s advice and the help of many of you in our community who are skilled and talented jazz musicians with a willingness to share your love for jazz with others.

On Behalf of the Charlottesville Jazz Society,

Marty Phillips


The Importance of Jazz Education
Watch this inspiring video and give consideration to how you can help the Charlottesville Jazz Society in its mission of jazz education.

Video Link to The Importance of Jazz Education


Music Education Can Help Children Improve Reading Skills
ScienceDaily (Mar. 16, 2009) — Children exposed to a multi-year program of music tuition involving training in increasingly complex rhythmic, tonal, and practical skills display superior cognitive performance in reading skills compared with their non-musically trained peers, according to a study published in the journal Psychology of Music.  (Link:”

GEORGE MELVIN EDUCATION FUND – Help for students interested in jazz.

MASTER CLASSES SPONSORED BY CJS – Few things are more inspiring then to work with a master musician.

INTRODUCTION TO JAZZ  –  This is a bare bones overview of the various sub-genres within jazz.

LISTENERS GUIDE  –  There are so many wonderful jazz performers to choose from that it can be a bit overwhelming for the beginner.  We hope you will benefit from our lists.

MUSIC TEACHERS  –  This is a jazz music teacher directory.  For those individuals wanting to participate in formal musical instruction we hope that this directory will help you find the right teacher.

JAZZ-4-KIDS  –  In order to preserve jazz and see it flourish in the future we need to introduce it to our children.  Enriching the lives of young people through music education is at the core of our mission.  We hope that the information that we have assembled here will be an aid to parents and school teachers.

SHEET MUSIC & MUSIC STAND RESOURCES – The links provided here should help you find jazz music either online or at local suppliers in Charlottesville.  If you know of other providers of sheet music please let us know.

As Thomas Jefferson said:
“Do not neglect your music. It will be a companion which will sweeten many hours of life to you”

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