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For almost 20 years, the Jazz Foundation of America provides emergency assistance and long-term support to veteran jazz and blues musicians across the country.  Since hurricane Katrina, in the past two years alone, the Jazz Foundation assisted over 3500 emergency cases and created housing and employment for over 1000 musicians in crisis.  For more information or to help financially go to the Jazz Foundation of America


Allegro – Musical Public Radio Programs via Streaming Audio

Arabesque Recordings

B-3 Hammond Organ – The Hammond Grounds

B-3 Hammond Organ – Jazz Organ History

B-3 Hammond Organ – Rumors, Facts, Myths, and Lore

Big Apple Jazz – the New York jazz scene

Blue Note Records

CD Baby

Grammy Awards

Habitat for Humanity – Musicians Village New Orleans

HR-57 Center for the Preservation of Jazz & Blues

International Association for Jazz Education

Jacky Lepage – Jazz Photography

Jazz Composers Alliance – Richmond, VA

Jazz Depot

Jazz Files – Biographies on jazz musicians from the 1950s & 60s

Jazz Foundation of America – helping musicians in need

Jazz House

Jazz Icons – A DVD series of vintage concerts

Jazz Loft – Hard to find jazz recordings

Jazz Posters

Jazz Record Mart – Chicago based jazz & blues record store

Jazz Resource Library

Jazz Standards – for musicians, educators, researchers, and disc jockeys

Jazz West – the Best in Bay Area Jazz

John Abbott – Jazz Photography

Latin Jazz Network

Mars Jazz Booking Agency

Moon Cycle Records

Nagel Heyer Records

NPR Music – National Public Radio

SF Jazz – the San Francisco Jazz Scene

Teen Jazz

Tritone Jazz Fantasy Camps (Adults)

View Video – Jazz DVDs

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